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US Based

Every VA is US based and works in your preferred time zone.  Need coverage across time-zones?  We’ve got you covered.


Your VA will be a true professional.  They will be there on time, every time.  You’ll always feel comfortable know your VA will represent you the way you deserve to be represented.


Almost all our VAs have a college degree or extensive “real-life” experience, which sometimes is more important.


Your VA will be an expert in your choice of primary areas of concentration.  + All VAs have access to senior experts in any concentration area.

What Does Your Business Need to Thrive?

More Time for What Matters

Think about it…how many hours every day do you spend responding to email, handling administrative tasks, managing your website, or creating pitch decks and presentations. Just not enough hours in the day.  Hire a professional to help and get back all those precious hours.

Better Communication

Do you feel like you are a trained seal juggling too many balls and sometimes you just can’t keep all the balls in the air?  We’ll help you Fix that.

Breakout Results

Tame the chaos. When you free yourself from the burden of all the day-to-day tasks that could easily be handled by an assistant you’ll be free to fly.  Your business will thrive and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.  

A Virtual Assistant Will Make Your Life and Business Better

More Time for What Matters

Work Life Balance

Get + Stay organized

Skyrocket Business Growth

Peace of Mind

Help When You Need It

100% Remote Assistance

No overhead, no long term commitments + we handle all the paper work.

100% Safe + Secure

We handle all the payment processing in a safe and secure way.

100% Personalized

Everything is personalized for your needs.  Your VA is hand-selected to provide you with exceptional service.

Who Needs A Virtual Assistant?



Small Business Owners


Religious and Charitable Organizations



Online Marketers

Insurance Brokers

Real Estate Agents








Mom’s and Dad’s

Teachers & Educators


Got Questions about Virtual Assistants?  We’ve Got Answers…

What can my Virtual Assistant Do?

The short answer is almost everything… A VA can manage your calendar, book or set appointments, get control of your email accounts, post social media, proof/edit documents, book travel arrangements, coordinate with clients, help get team members on the same page. copywriting, manage events, basic website updates, and just about anything else you can think of…!

So how does this work?

You will work with a Client Success Guide to determine the best Virtual Assistant Solution for your business and budget. Then a professional, educated, tested, and US-based VA will be assigned to your project. Your VA will have the complete support of a team of professionals with expert experience in a wide range of common business activities.

You can always request another VA that is better suited to your organization. We do our best to match clients and VAs but know that sometimes work styles, priorities, and just plan chemistry don’t work out. + Many business professionals don’t really know what a VA can do and the needs change.  We’ll change with you.

Is there a minimum hours for VA services?

There is a minimum of 10 hours per week and for a single VA you can choose a maximum of 40 hours per week.

How much will a VA cost?

Your Virtual Assistant pay package will depend on the tasks you require help with.  Simple administrative help will be less expensive than a social media expert.

Hourly rates range from $25 – $50 per hour.  You’ll choose the skill level you need when you work with your success guide.

There is a minimum of 10 hours per week commitment.

Will I have a dedicated Virtual Assistant? or do they rotate?

You’ll always work with the same VA that we carefully match to your specific needs, industry, personality, and workstyle.

Will my VA be available on weekends?

Since we find the perfect candidate for your needs if, you need weekend work, we’ll find a VA that can work weekends.

What if I don't use all my hours?

Most of the time your VA can flex up or down depending on your workload and will work toward making sure your use your allotted hours per month and will alert you if you are close to going over.

Contracted hours must be used each month, they do not roll over to the following month.


What if I go over my allotted hours?

Most of the time your VA can flex up or down depending on your workload and will work toward making sure your use your allotted hours per month and will alert you if you are close to going over.

If you go over, we simply bill for the extra hours.


Will I have a dedicated Account Manager?

Yes, you will be assigned a Success Guide when you sign up.  Your Success Guide will be there every step of the way to make sure you have the perfect level of support.

Ready to Get Started?  It’s Super Easy.


Step # 1  Tell us a little about your organization?  Complete the form and You’re success coach will schedule a time to review your personalized needs.  That call typically happens within 24 hours.

Step # 2  Virtual Meeting with your Success Guide to review your proposal and get contracts ready.

Step # 3  Time to welcome your new VA to the team and get back those weekends.

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